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Transforming Lives - Financially

Building Investment Advisory and Retirement Planning Solutions for African American Families.

Are You Ready to Build Wealth-From Scratch?

Then download this FREE PDF Guide now. You'll discover:

  • How to utilize an effective strategy to pay down your credit card debt

  • Ways to build your wealth investing in stocks and real estate

  • Create an automatic monthly investment plan - set it and forget it method

  • 10 ways to pay yourself first - and stop living paycheck-to-paycheck

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What We Do





Retirement Planning for Retirees


Financial Education Courses & Webinars


 Entrepreneurship/Small Business Owners

"We weren't taught this financial stuff at home or in school. Our mission is to help you get your financial life in order and build wealth along the way." - James

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James R. Veal 

President & CEO

African American Financial Facts

* The average household income for African Americans is $41,700

* African Americans make up approximately 12.8% of the U.S. population

* There are 48 million African Americans in the    United States today

* Black buying power in 2022 was over $1.6 trillion       dollars - equivalent to the 16th world's largest GDP


* The Net Worth of a typical White family is  $171,000. It is only $17,150 for a typical Black family

* Only 1 in 10 African Americans work with a             financial advisor

* The average 401(k) balance for African Americans      is only $23,000

* Less than 42% of African Americans own their      homes compared to 73% of White families

What's Most Interesting

Investing 101


Real Estate Investing


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