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Why JRV Wealth?

African Americans in the U.S. have been under-served/under-representative in the world of finance. Money management and basic financial education has lacked all throughout our livelihoods at home, in schools, college, at work and in our communities.

To eradicate financial illiteracy, our mission is to teach, empower, and build wealth applying the strategies of stock investing, real estate, and  entrepreneurship endeavors.

JRV Wealth Management Group was created in 2008. It is an African American owned and managed investment advisory firm geared toward those in the African American community. 


James is Founder, CEO & President of JRV Wealth Management Group, LLC in Philadelphia, PA. He has been a financial advisor/educator in the financial services industry since 1997. He is a Philadelphia native, Christian, and an active community leader who takes pride in giving back and works tirelessly educating the general public about investing, financial literacy, and the importance of building wealth-specifically to those in the African American, Latino, and other underserved communities.

One of James’ proudest accomplishments is his passion for teaching. He is currently in his 18th year as a volunteer instructor in one of Philadelphia’s premiere “wealth building and investment 101 course’s – Sick & Tired of Being Broke– through Temple University’s PASCEP program.

He also conducts FREE monthly Retirement Planning Lunch Seminars for people who are 5 years or less away from retirement.

Investing Success Begins With A Plan

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