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How To Calm Your Nerves in This Russia-Ukraine Crisis

What is unfolding in Ukraine is extremely troubling. As Russia continues to carry on its military advantage, it is inspiring to see Ukrainians defending their country. And while watching images of fleeing refugees leaving their homes and many bombed out buildings create strong emotions, as your financial advisor, I’m here to help you keep those emotions in check as it relates to your financial portfolio.

No one can predict stock market moves

The stock markets were volatile prior to the invasion and have become even more so over the past few weeks. As we monitor the situation closely, nobody can predict market moves. We’ve seen massive selloffs followed by huge rallies – sometimes within the same trading day.

Volatility will most likely continue, at least for the short term, as investors weigh the impact of rising inflation, energy prices, supply-chain disruptions, and interest rates. Which ever way it goes, the activity in Ukraine will continue to move the indices.

What we do know is that markets are resilient. In fact, history tells us that major geopolitical events tend to have limited impact on markets after six to 12 months. So, sticking to your investment strategy may be the best approach. As quickly as markets fall, they can also go back up.

The American economy is resilient

We are true believers in the resilience of the American economy. We also feel that the basic strength of today’s economy still shows continued support for overall growth. This doesn’t mean that we’re sitting still and being passive. We are taking measured steps to rebalance portfolios where necessary and providing tax-loss strategies if appropriate.

In these uncertain times, our highest priority is helping our clients keep emotions out of investing and ensuring you remain focused on your long-term financial goals. We are on top of the situation and will continue to monitor events. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions, concerns, or for some reassurance. We are here to support you and your family.

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