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It’s Profitable to Keep People Uneducated and Poor

We are taught to go to school, get good grades, get your degree and get a job and climb the corporate ladder

Wealthy people don’t climb the corporate ladder, they are taught to own the corporate ladder

If you only rely on your salary, you are one step away from being broke

We were never taught how to build wealth, invest, entrepreneurship, or anything about financial education

Again, I realize it’s very profitable to keep people uneducated and it’s profitable to keep people poor

The banks want you to save and let them hold on to your money but it’s a liability for them, so they want to get rid of that money as fast as possible. So, what do they do with your money, they loan it to someone else and charge them a huge interest rate. They get rich from our depositing money into their banks for measly pennies

Have you noticed that the banks are in the credit card industry these days? When you open up an account, they smile and say, “hey you are eligible to receive a credit card.” And most people take the bait

Banks want you to keep spending money on their credit cards so they get to earn between 18-25% of interest every time you spend a dollar.

The government wants you to be financially uneducated. If you are uneducated, you are an employee and a consumer. Who pays the highest taxes? Employees and consumers. It makes people angry but rich people don’t pay taxes (or a very small amount). There are things you can do legally to pay less taxes.

Just some financial food for thought!

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