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It’s Your Fault If You Retire Broke

  • If you invest $150/month at age 25 in a growth mutual fund (10.5% annual return) until age 65, you’ll be a millionaire and have earned $1,017,062

  • You have made a fortune in your working lifetime but fail to fund your future

  • You’ve worked your butt off your entire life and have nothing to show for it

  • It is time for Americans to get their act together - financially

  • For many people, unfortunately, your best shot at retirement is hoping that the government takes care of you

  • Some of you are too worried about who got thrown off of “The Bachelor” instead of taking care of your finances

  • Get paid for what you know! You have all of these great ideas that other people need help with and you are too broke to share it with the world

  • 70% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck

  • Car payments are the largest investments that loses value instantaneously

  • If you ask people about their financial status, most will tell you they don’t want to talk or think about it

  • The majority of people work for money as opposed to having money work for them

  • Go to a neighborhood we care about, one that hasn’t changed in 30 years, and this is what you see: a check casher, next to a pay loan lender, next to a fast-food joint, next to a rent-to-own store, next to a title lender, next to a rent-rims store, a liquor store, etc.

  • People go broke trying to appear to look rich - until retirement begins and they’re back to broke

  • Time waits for no one. You should be socking away a small portion of your paycheck every time you get paid because it’ll add up over the years when you really need it

  • You can’t help everyone. Help yourself first because if there comes a time when you need financial assistance, those whom you’ve helped over the years still don’t have a dime and can never help you

  • Retiring in comfort is when your monthly expenses is less than your incoming cash flow, you have no car, you have no mortgage, and there’s enough stored funds in your account(s) where you never have to work again

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