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The Day I Knew My Corporate Career Was Over

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

The Day I Knew It Was Over

I have been a stockbroker for many years and I was still out peddling my feet in town to see which company will pay me the most for my skills, talents and experience. I had my list of potential investment firms and I thought it was time for a big pay day.

After speaking with a number of sales managers and executives at these firms, they were impressed with my resume and delighted that I entertained employment opportunities with them. However, after I demanded a particular salary, they looked at me like I was crazy as if to say, we've never paid anyone such a salary you're asking for. There told of voice and body expression clearly dictated that this will never happen here told me all that I needed. I kindly smiled, shook hands and walked out knowing that my new plans was to never work in corporate America again. In fact, I did work for one firm for a few years but all along the way, I was in the planning and preparation mode to hang out my own shingle. And in 2008, my own investment advisory and financial planning firm JRV Wealth Management Group, LLC was born.

Working In Corporate America is a Great Learning Factory

Working a corporate job does have some advantages. There is an opportunity to work with various people, departments, and jobs that can help you increase your value and possible promotions. You are able to articulate many different personalities of people and see what makes them tick. To me the biggest advantage of working in Corporate America was to see how a company and its various departments operates. I saw things that I would had done differently if I was the boss. So, my goal all along was to learn-on-the-job as much as I possibly could and quickly before it was time to start my own company. I needed the experience!

True Entrepreneurs Can't Stand Working in Corporate America

The idea of working and surviving a full-time job is of no interest to a person whose has entrepreneurial intent and desires. Most entrepreneurs hate the status quo in which is something that has a time line and needs to be done with no explanation why. They do not exchanging time for money. Yes, a 9-to-5 can help you pay your bills but where is the reward? That's it! That's boring to most entrepreneurs. They would rather take that time putting together a business plan and going on out there in the world to see if works.

You'll Never Look Back

Growing up, I was always the most curious one. The one who would go and do the opposite of what everyone else were doing. One who never had any interest of following the pack but instead, believing in taking my own path. The one who wanted to know the unknown. The rebel who wanted to fight the status quo, eager to be fairly paid for the work you put, to be alone to think, plan, market, and deliver a product. If this sounds like you, you are either an entrepreneur or at least you should be pursuing it. The worst thing in life is regret. I just knew when those recruiters looked at me funny when I asked for my desired salary, that was it for me!

I appreciated and enjoyed working in corporate America but I knew it wasn't for me. You have to look within yourself (self-awareness) and find out what you like and where your skills can best be used. I was never comfortable with someone telling me what time to come to work, eat lunch, and when to leave to go home. The status quo sucks!!! I realized that there are only two career choices for people - you are either an entrepreneur or you'll be best working a corporate job. I did both to confirm why I chose entrepreneurship. I just knew that day that Corporate America was not for me.

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